Celebrity Voice Overs in TV Ads



You’ve probably heard them without thinking twice about it. You’ve been folded into the cushions of your couch on a rainy Saturday morning listening to voice overs barking at you to buy this product, eat that meal, try on these clothes. What you may not…

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Current Ad Campaigns Featuring Dubstep Music



UPDATED! I’ve decided to keep this post a work in progress since there are so many new commercials featuring dubstep. I’ve also renamed the post “Current Ad Campaigns Featuring Dubstep Music” because there are plenty more than 6 out there. Are consumers developing robot ears?…

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Video Mapping & Building Projection Ad Campaigns



Something that I’ve recently been drawn to is video mapping. After learning that industry leaders, Pearl Media, had won the gold award at the 2012 Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in the Public Spaces category, I wanted to dig deeper into the world of video mapping…

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An Amazing Production – L’Odyssee de Cartier



I caught this commercial as I was getting ready for work today and it absolutely blew my mind. I was already late and had to stay for the entire three minutes and thirty one seconds of it! That is saying something in itself. At first,…

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What is Advertising?



Myriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines advertising as the action of calling something to the attention of the public especially by public announcement. While this is an accurate and extremely broad explanation, it doesn’t really tell us a whole lot about what advertising really is. For some people,…

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And So It Begins…



I am not one for long introductions, but I feel it necessary to at least extend myself  briefly considering I will be regularly updating what I hope to become a resource not only for the best ad campaigns in history, but also the most successful…

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