And So It Begins…


I am not one for long introductions, but I feel it necessary to at least extend myself  briefly considering I will be regularly updating what I hope to become a resource not only for the best ad campaigns in history, but also the most successful advertisements in our present day.

Coming from  Graphic Design and Communications backgrounds, I have always been very interested in what makes the best paper advertisements, commercials, radio spots, and online ad campaigns resonate with the general public or in some cases very specific audiences. Since my education revolves around the need for a successful projects ability to satisfy attention to creative and technical aspects, I have always admired the advertising world for doing the same.

You may already know that there is a lot of creative and technical work that is put into the best ad campaigns, but what REALLY makes them stand out? Why was one particular retro ad more memorable than countless others created in a certain era? Those along with the following are the types of details and answers that I hope to provide with

  • Best ad campaigns in history
  • How the best ad campaigns were created
  • Current trends and examples of the best advertisements
  • Personal opinions on the best advertising campaigns

I look forward to educating you, the visitor/reader as well as myself in the process and will try to keep as informative, current and credibly opinionated as possible.

I’d like to start things off with a “bang” by displaying (wherever legally permitted) and discussing the best ad campaigns from Super Bowl XLVI. Hopefully this year the big name advertisers will leave us in awe!

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